Lofelt’s Next Chapter

By Daniel Büttner

Posted on October 17, 2017 in Lofelt Insights

Since the successful launch of the Basslet, we’ve been busy writing the next chapter of Lofelt’s story. Our desire has always been to take what we learned developing the Basslet and make it accessible to a wider range of products and industries. It is our mission to create a natural connection between people and their digital devices, pushing both our innovations and the industry forward.

To help make that mission a reality, we have raised $5.4M in new financing and convertible loans from existing investor Horizons, and was led by new investor Wolfman.One. Q Venture Partners and coparion join to complete the round.

Traditional haptics have been in consumer products for over 20 years. Yet, while screen and audio technologies have evolved exponentially, innovation in haptics has flatlined – creating a gap between today’s user experience and the potential of what smart haptics can deliver. The problem is that haptics are often considered a secondary feature in product and experience design. When comparing the fluid graphics, clear audio and seamless user interfaces found in the latest consumer products against the simple vibrations and buzzes they deliver, it becomes clear that haptics is almost an afterthought. We’re out to change that.

In the near future, Lofelt’s technology will allow the use of high-definition touch feedback to deliver truly natural sensory interactions between people and their devices. While it might initially be the case, we don’t see this as being limited to just smartphones and gaming, but instead will become prevalent across nearly all industries. We are on a mission to prove that haptics complete the audio-visual experience.

Lofelt will use the additional financing to invest heavily in expanding our close-knit and talented engineering team. The team has already demonstrated its ability to successfully develop and deliver an award-winning product. By expanding the team, we will be able to accelerate the development of new user experiences and technologies. As an emerging leader in the field, we offer full-stack solutions, consultancy, hardware and software integrations for a range of businesses and products. We are truly excited about some of the great partnerships that we will be announcing in 2018.

Looking further ahead, we believe haptics will become the norm as more mechanical mechanisms are replaced by digital solutions. Something as simple as a light switch could be superseded by an interactive interface that operates as a switch, a dimmer and a timer for a child’s bedroom at night. But, while that added functionality would increase the variety of operations a single wall unit could do - one thing would be lost without haptics: the satisfying feeling of a tactile switch. Our technology ensures you are able to truly feel the flick of the switch, the click of a turning dial, as well as a whole range of sensations relating to user actions.

But haptics isn’t just about the switch on the wall. It can be applied to anything that requires touch - from toys, keyboards, car displays and steering wheels, to the once-futuristic notion of providing robots with realistic heartbeats. Touch is a vital human sensation and can be used effectively on its own, but becomes particularly powerful when combined with sight or sound to reinforce information.

Interested in speaking or meeting us? We will be attending Smart Haptics on 6-7th December 2017 and CES in January 2018.

Daniel Büttner — Lofelt
Daniel Büttner

Daniel is CEO and Co-founder of Lofelt. He is a firm believer in building technology that heightens human interaction and transcends our expectations of what devices are capable of .