Lofelt Introduces Advanced Haptics for Gaming with Razer Partnership

By Daniel Büttner

Posted on September 27, 2018 in Lofelt Insights

Imagine being fully-immersed in your favorite game, feeling every action in all its detail and texture. Imagine the game’s entire soundscape - music, explosions, footsteps - transformed into powerful haptic experiences that bring the game to life.

Until now, the true potential of haptic technology to create immersive experiences hasn’t been fully-realized. While audio and visual fidelity have been evolving rapidly, limitations in traditional haptics used in gaming devices have been incapable of delivering high-definition haptic feedback. Most people are familiar with the generic “rumble” on game controllers that happen during pre-determined moments in the game. These simple “buzzes” fail to create compelling immersive experiences because they do not match the high-quality audio and visuals featured in the game.

Today, Lofelt is proud to announce a partnership with renowned gamer brand Razer™, to deliver a deeper immersive gaming experience with high-definition (HD) haptics. The first product to debut from the collaboration will be Razer’s next generation Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset with Razer HyperSense featuring Lofelt Wave™ technology.

To create this deeper layer of immersion, Lofelt pioneered a new approach to haptics. Lofelt Wave is a cutting-edge haptic system that transforms audio into rich, lifelike haptic feedback that perfectly matches the action in the game. Lofelt Wave supports intelligent Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which detects the shape and frequencies of a game’s soundscapes and converts them into high-definition (HD) haptic signals in real time. In addition, wideband Lofelt L5 haptic actuators translate the signals into high-precision vibrations, bringing the game to life.

“Lofelt is committed to raising the standard for haptic feedback to match the high-quality audio and video we’re used to in today’s devices.” said Daniel Büttner, chief executive officer at Lofelt. “Teaming up with Razer is an incredible opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of the cutting-edge technology we developed. I’m thrilled we are at the forefront of realizing the true potential of advanced haptics and can’t wait for gamers to level up their gameplay with the Razer Nari Ultimate featuring haptics by Lofelt.”

Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said: “Razer always innovates to bring unprecedented technology to gamers for the best gaming experiences possible. We’re excited to be working with Lofelt, a great technology partner that is aligned with Razer’s creative drive to perfect the world’s first intelligent haptics-enabled gaming headset with the Razer Nari Ultimate.”

The Razer Nari Ultimate will be available in select stores and online in Q4 2018, starting at $199

Daniel Büttner — Lofelt
Daniel Büttner

Daniel is CEO and Co-founder of Lofelt. He is a firm believer in building technology that heightens human interaction and transcends our expectations of what devices are capable of .