Lofelt's Haptic Technology is Now Compatible with Texas Instruments

By Rhys Howell

Posted on January 5, 2018 in Lofelt Insights

At Lofelt, we’ve been working hard to make our technology more widely accessible. That’s why it was only natural for us to want to work closely with a reputable company like Texas Instruments (TI). TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog integrated circuits (ICs) and embedded processors. TI’s innovations are currently helping approximately 100,000 customers to bring new and innovative products to market.

We were recently added to the list of compatible actuators that can be powered by TI’s haptic motor driver ICs under the new haptic actuator type of ‘Linear Wideband Actuators’. These actuators are designed to provide a more realistic experience in applications such as gaming controllers and headsets. TI defines this new technology as follows:

“Unlike a typical LRA which operates at a single frequency, a wideband actuator is driven with analog waveforms to give high acceleration over a range of frequencies. This delivers a much more natural and realistic haptic experience.”

Lofelt CTO, Gwydion ap Dafydd notes, “It’s fantastic to work with such an innovative technology provider such as Texas Instruments. Together, we have defined the new haptic actuator type of ‘Linear Wideband Actuators’ and they have been extremely supportive in rapidly evaluating our haptic technology.”

If you’re interested in combining our technology with that of TI then check here to find out more.

Rhys Howell — Lofelt
Rhys Howell

Rhys Howell has over a decade of experience in the digital landscape - from mobile and web design, to UX, digital strategy, data analysis and driving digital transformation. He brings this range of expertise and creativity to Lofelt.