Elevating Haptics with Lofelt Wave

By Melissa Maristuen

Posted on February 5, 2019 in White Papers

Lofelt has a unique approach to haptics due to the team’s audio technology heritage. Lofelt Wave™ is an audio-driven end-to-end haptic system that creates natural, realistic user experiences in real-time – mimicking how they are experienced in real life. By combining wideband hardware and advanced firmware with deep engineering expertise, Lofelt Wave delivers natural, realistic sensory experiences across a broad array of use cases.

The team just published its first white paper, "Elevating Haptic Technology with Lofelt Wave", which explains not only the philosophy and methodology, but demonstrates that we do things differently from other haptic technology companies. Understanding haptics and delivering an end-to-end haptic system like Lofelt Wave requires going far beyond simply manufacturing haptic actuators. It requires expertise and deep understanding of tactile perception, audio and music technology, hardware and software development, and physics – as well as rigorous user experience testing.

Haptics has been an afterthought for decades, with industries settling for simple, dull buzzes. The new reality is that today’s consumers – from gamers and movie fans to music enthusiasts and virtual reality (VR) early adopters – are demanding greater realism in their multimedia experiences. Even people operating a computer mouse or using a tablet on an automobile dashboard increasingly expect to receive more than visual and audio cues: they want to feel realistic tactile responses. Only an audio-driven approach can deliver this realism and elevate haptic experiences.

To download "Elevating Haptic Technology with Lofelt Wave" as a PDF, click here. Make sure to follow the new Resources page for upcoming white papers and other technical documents.

Melissa Maristuen — Lofelt
Melissa Maristuen

Melissa is a DJ, producer, label owner and non-practising librarian. She spent her early 20s writing about music and culture, and is happy to be back at it.