Disrupting Traditional Haptics through Audio

By Melissa Maristuen

Posted on June 12, 2018 in Future of Haptics

For decades, haptics have been a secondary function of our favorite devices - generic vibrations used for simple notifications. At Lofelt, we’ve pioneered the new wave of audio-to-haptic technology that’s opening the door to natural and meaningful tactile interactions. With our high-definition audio-driven solution, we’ve put haptics back at the core of the experience.

At the Smart Haptics Conference in San Diego, our CEO, Daniel Büttner, presented a keynote discussing these breakthroughs. We were in good company, with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Facebook, Immersion and TDK also speaking at the event.

Below, you can watch the presentation in which Daniel discusses how and why we built our first commercial product, the Basslet, and how the technology behind it can be used to enhance products in a range of industries.

If you want to read more about ideas on the evolving landscape in haptic technology, check out this interview Daniel gave ahead of the event.

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Melissa Maristuen — Lofelt
Melissa Maristuen

Melissa is a DJ, producer, label owner and non-practising librarian. She spent her early 20s writing about music and culture, and is happy to be back at it.